Friday, January 15, 2010

SEO - Latest Trend

SEO focused almost entirely on site content and link popularity. The landscape shifted completely when Google launched their Florida Update in 2003. It marked the beginning of a new era in search. Today, the ranking algorithms change almost daily. Sites that were once listed in the top positions have since plummeted into the depths of the search engines' organic listings.

If your website does not receive exposure, it cannot attract targeted traffic. Without this traffic, it can't contribute to your bottom line. SEO consulting uses a multi-pronged approach to lift your site to the top listings for your keywords. By appearing higher in the search engines, you'll enjoy more exposure to your market. By targeting specific keywords that your customers are using, you'll attract visitors who are more willing to take a predefined action.

Whether you are collecting customer information for an email campaign or driving visitors into a sales funnel, SEO consulting provides targeted exposure - the engine for bottom-line results.

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