Thursday, January 21, 2010

Email Maketing as an effective way of promotion

E-Mail is most effective ways of advertising & promoting business successfully. It takes a lot of time, effort and creativity to come up with an interesting letter. After sending your letter to your prospective customers, it is important that you monitor everything. In that way, if your recipient decided to answer your letter, you will always be quick and ready to respond.

If you send a letter, of course, you are expecting a response from your recipient. If a customer decided to write back, you should always spare a few minutes to send them back a response as quickly as you can. There was even a survey that said most customers choose another company to deal with when they don’t receive a response within 24 hours. Patience and time are things that business people don?t have much of. If you move to slowly you can lose a prospective customer.

A typical email campaign will deliver responses within 48 hours. This is the fastest media to generate new business avenues & push up the sales. Our research team has concluded that there are certain times, days, headings that attract a better response than others.

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