Tuesday, January 26, 2010

how to get long term website traffic

This article may help readers learning how to properly optimize your website to get long term traffic, as in years down the road, you will still see the results of your work, opposed to different traffic sources such as PPC or pay per click. These are however good traffic sources and I recommend that you utilize everything you can, the drawback with these sources are the minute you stop paying for traffic it stop.

Search engine optimization is a way to increase search engine traffic for the long term because you’ll be leaving digital footprints all over the net that all point to a part of you website. Something to point out is if you are getting ready to drive traffic to a brand new site, it is better to drive traffic with links from external sites to internal pages on your site opposed to the main domain. When you are linking to your main domain only in an effort to increase website traffic it actually works against you because it does not look natural to the search engines. You’ll want to kind of keep a theme for every page on your website based around a certain keyword. Once that keyword is identified, you can start onsite SEO and offsite SEO to start to increase search engine traffic.

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