Thursday, September 10, 2009

Link Building

Link building is one of the most important steps in building a site, getting quality links improves your PR and espouser to search engines. Many people say link building is dying out but the facts are simple, you build a site and build links and traffic will come. Also link building also increase your Page Rank thus getting more traffic via Google.
P & R Infoline provide two types of link building for the clients to help their business to reach the top.

Reciprocal links

In link exchange process, you trade links with prospective partner sites by offering a link to their site from your own site. This method is a fast way to establish several hundred links to your website. However, it may not get you great benefits.

One-way links

To establish only-incoming links also called one-way links or Non-Reciprocal links. Only one way linking is done to provide link building mechanism. One way links are links to your site from sites which do not receive a link from your site. They send a powerful message to the search engines which your website is so valuable or interesting or useful that other sites want to tell people about it. One-way links are wonderful things to have because they increase your link popularity - the number of pages linking to your site.

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